Sophie: “As a commercial advisor in the branch where I work, my focus is to deliver a good service to our customers. Being able to provide my customers with cash is one of those services we provide. Specifically since cash is considered a commodity, it’s important for our image. Nevertheless, I experience the hassle of having to deal with the logistics, regulatory aspects, foreign currencies, determining appropriate order amounts or let alone send back amounts as complex and a defocus from my commercial targets. I am quite happy I have colleagues like Athur in the back office who are able to deal with this as if I were there customer


Arthur: “A thorough follow-up of the orders placed by Sofie and her colleagues and contacts is an essential part of the service we provide. We make sure the orders are in respect to the bank’s, National Bank’s, CIT’s requirements and from the moment something in the processing and delivering goes wrong, we’ll know. And of course, this will allow us to pro-actively contact people in the front office, like Sofie. Or her colleages.